Watch this video to know how it works

Reach more Audience


Contact domain owners immediately; personally call them & request for quotes.

Works on major domain extensions

Be it .com, net or .org, it processes all major extensions

$58 is all you have to pay to use for a year!

Export search

Export the searched domain details into spreadsheet / excel file

Fast search

The software works on multithread mode, which means it will process list of domains fast,upto hundreds of domain query per minute.

This software will get you awesome leads and would make your work so much less stressful, timely, dynamic and cost effective.

Enter list of sites in the software and within seconds get Full Name, Email Address, Physical Address, Phone number nicely sorted in Excel Sheet

Quick Information


Scan hundreds of domains. It’s easy and so fast!

Grow your Business

This software got me $2245 worth clients within 7 days, I run a web design agency and was skeptical if finding clients this way would help and it surely did. I gathered a list of websites that I feel are my target audience, and got email addresses within seconds. I approached and pitched my clients. Really worth every penny. Thank you



Low-priced is just $58! Amazed, ain’t you?

Bulk Whois Lookup

Extract whois emails in Excel sheet in seconds


Do you want to sell your domain?

Steps to sell a domain name using this software.
1.) Make a list of all domains /website similar to the domain name you are targetting to sell from Google.
2.) Enter all domains to this software and run this software.
3.) Export all the data in excel files and you are ready.
4.) Make a script and send an email to the list about your domain for sale.


Offer is for limited time & lasts only few days.

Store & Retrieve


Export data into excel file and retrieve it anytime offline/online.